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10 Cherry Laurel Hedging

10 Cherry Laurel Hedging

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Ultimate height, 8-10 metres or can be kept at a desired smaller height if trimmed.
We recommend to liquid feed over the foliage with a watering can every 1-2 weeks between March - October ( Growing season ). This will keep them green and strong. Don't feed in full sun as the feed soaks into the leaf. Granular feed is also ok around the base to soak into the roots. Once every 4-6 weeks is enough for this.
For this size of pot dig a hole half spades depth and width, add some compost or good fine topsoil to help give the plants and roots an easy start. Water every 2-3 days in normal weather for first 4-6 weeks, for hot weather everyday.
Plant 3-4 per metre for best results.
Measurements are of plants only and doesn't include pot

This is a pack of 10 individual Laurel plants

All year round evergreen hedging plant

Pot grown and supplied in pots ( Not Plugs )

Fast growing 2-3ft per year

Plant 1 Laurel every 30cm (1 ft) for good thick hedge

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